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User Rectangle operation Since the Association came into effect,. the E. E. C. Commis- sion has financed out of its ordinary budget, 1,400 students, grants for studies at all levels (middle, superior, technical) to nationals of the associated states. Furthermore, 65 Africans and Madagascans have been able to spend long study periods in the departments of the E.E.C., and 5,000 have taken part in seminars or study weeks organised by the Common Market. These activities can henceforth be finan- ced by the E.D .F., which will allow an extension of all the various training schemes. 13 Survey of land for the restoration of soil in Upper Volta . More than a quarter of the resources of the European Development Fund and the European Investment Bank hav«t been specifically ear-marked by the Yaounde Convention for « aids to production and diversification ». This shoW$ the importance attached by the E.E.C. and the associated states to this new aspect of their common effort. · In order to speed up the development of the African and Malagasy countries, remedies must be found for the weaknesses of economies based on single crops. vvhicb. Jte too exposed to the hazards of changes in world price levefi. «Aids to production» a·re intended to facilitate progressivel,y the marketing of basic tropical products at internati~ prices. Measures to support prices can help, but 9n cclndi:~; tion that they follow a degressive rhythm and are part of ;• programme which will allow their abolition at th' end .~Qf the Convention's period of validity. · ~· These compensatory subsidies to producers, fi.nanced by outright grants, are complemented by interventions for further II structural improvements II of farming ·laf\Q, · i'n order to make products more competitive both fn . qu•tttY and price. · · The II aid to diversification " is aimed at achieving a gt418t~ balance in the economies of all the associated stetes, in~: ding those whose basic prod

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