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Microsoft Word - UF00008125_SEM262.doc Sem 262 Interviewee: Elaine Aguilar Date: June 20, 2000 Page 1 Sem 262 Interviewee: Elaine Aguilar Interviewer: J. Ellison Date: June 20, 2000 E: ...the 20th of June. We are at Immokalee - the Imokalee Reservation. I am Jim Ellison and I am with Elaine Aguilar. This is the tribal office on the reservation in Immokalee. We are going to do an interview today, following the standard questionnaire that I have and hopefully talk a little bit more specifically about Immokalee. So, is Elaine Immokalee your full name? A: Yeah. E: To what clan do you belong? A: Otter. E: You are Otter Clan. And were you born here in Immokalee? A: No, I was born in Clewiston. E: When did you come to Immokalee? A: We came to Immokalee back in 1960. E: You came with your parents? A: I came with my Mom. From Big Cypress, we came over here. E: So, you were born in Clewiston and then ended up in Big Cypress, somehow. Do you have an Indian name - a Miccosukee language name? Sem 262 Interviewee: Elaine Aguilar Date: June 20, 2000 Page 2 A: Yeah. E: Is that something you could share with me? A: I guess. It is just a funny name. It is called Tihalateh. E: Do you have any idea how I would spell that? Say it, again. A: Tihalateh. E: I am spelling it T-I-h-a-l-a-t-e-e? Or would it be a D at the beginning? A: “T”, I think. E: Does that have a meaning? A: Mom always said that it was an elderly man that had named me and he said that when he was young, girls used to fight over him - pull him this and pull him that way. So, he said that is what they were going to do with me when I grew up. So, that is what he named me. So, it means - I don’t know how you would say, in a word, you know, pulling instead of back and forth, what it means. E: And the person who gave you that name was...? A: I have no idea. All I was told was that it was an elder. E:

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