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Is this Jujol?

Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme
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i§ a.. N Q) -o = "" E ~ -o = "' E < eo e: · ¡:; o o "" ¡ s this Jujol? (/) Q) ~ u ~ e UJ 1 should like to say where m y interest in this work began ... Where Jujol's capacity was born that makes anyone who approaches his work enter into direct dialogue with it. Break with that naturalness with which his work seems to be shared. See how one of his major qualities is to offer hilnself transparently through the thought behind it. Although 1 cannot say if his work reflectes his own thought, or that of those who contemplate it with enthusiasm. It seems that in this work we find unmodified intuitions, specific emotions, individual impulses, occurrences, all annotated in a direct way. They appear constructed obeying no other rules than those they themselves define. They seem to follow the maxim that «maximum rigour is at the same time maximum liberty». It is a work that obliges us from the very first to judge it according its own rules: no style, no school, no master ... An individual thought guides his work . An individual thought that seems to stop for moments without going from major to minor scales. Perhaps they are series all formed by elements of equal value. There is no passing from the large to the small or vice versa. The different parts , and by extension the works , are born without any reference to scale. That genuine size1' ' that approaches the miniature. Let us not forget that smallness IS a way of thinking. It is a thought that rejects everything one cannot carry in a small suitcase. A thought that becomes lost in the to and fro of the 53 joumey from here to there'2 ' • • • 1 n thesc works, bis way of Lhinking emerges slowly, as we contempla te Lh em. We have the imprcss ion tha t underslanding the author is Lhe only way to understand them. We see Jujol working painstakingly on the sma ll but reaching large-scale consequences. It is a thought that knows no

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