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Components of resistance to <i>Fusarium</i> head blight in wheat detected in a seed germination assay with Microdochium majus and the relationship to FHB disease development and mycotoxin accumulation from <i>Fusarium graminearum</i> infection.

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  • Components Of Partial Disease Resistance (Pdr) To Fusarium Head Blight (Fhb)
  • Detected In A Seed-Germination Assay
  • Were Compared With Whole-Plant Fhb Resistance Of 30 Usa Soft Red Winter Wheat Entries In The 2002 Un
  • Highly Significant (P &Lt
  • 0·001) Differences Between Cultivars In The In Vitro Seed-Germination Assay Inoculated With Microdoc
  • P &Lt
  • 0·05)
  • Severity (R = -0·47
  • P &Lt
  • 0·01)
  • Fhb Index (R = -0·46
  • P &Lt
  • 0·01)
  • Damaged Kernels (R = -0·52
  • P &Lt
  • 0·01)
  • Grain Deoxynivalenol (Don) Concentration (R = -0·40
  • P &Lt
  • 0·05) And Incidence/Severity/Kernel-Damage Index (Isk) (R = -0·45
  • P &Lt
  • 0·01) Caused By Fusarium Graminearum
  • Multiple Linear Regression Analysis Explained A Greater Percentage Of Variation In Fhb Resistance Us
  • Shorter Incubation Periods
  • Longer Latent Periods
  • Shorter Lesion Lengths In The Detached-Leaf Assay And Higher Germination Rates In The Seed-Germinati
  • Collectively Explaining 62% Of Variation For Incidence
  • 49% For Severity
  • 56% For F
  • Graminearum-Damaged Kernels (Fdk)
  • 39% For Don And 59% For Isk Index
  • Incubation Period Was Most Strongly Related To Disease Incidence And The Early Stages Of Infection
  • While Resistance Detected In The Seed Germination Assay And Latent Period Were More Strongly Related
  • Resistance Detected Using The Seed-Germination Assay Was Notable As It Related To Greater Decline In
  • Ecology
  • Medicine


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