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A Neutron Diffraction and Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Acetate-based Ionic Liquids as Solvents for Glucose

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  • <P>The Liquid State Structure Of The Ionic Liquid
  • 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Acetate
  • And The Solute/Solvent Structure Of Glucose Dissolved In The Ionic Liquid At A 1: 6 Molar Ratio Have
  • Interactions Between Hydrogen-Bond Donating Cation Sites And Polar
  • Directional Hydrogen-Bond Accepting Acetate Anions Are Examined
  • Ion-Ion Radial Distribution Functions For The Neat Ionic Liquid
  • Calculated From Both Md And Derived From The Empirical Potential Structure Refinement Model To The E
  • Show The Alternating Shell-Structure Of Anions Around The Cation
  • As Anticipated
  • Spatial Probability Distributions Reveal The Main Anion-To-Cation Features As In-Plane Interactions
  • Interestingly
  • The Presence Of The Polarised Hydrogen-Bond Acceptor Anion Leads To Increased Anion-Anion Tail-Tail
  • Indicating The Onset Of Hydrophobic Regions Within The Anion Regions Of The Liquid
  • </P>
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  • Economics


Queen's University Belfast | Undergraduate Prospectus For Entry 2014 | Section 2 |A-Z of Degrees The A–Z of Degrees 2 BSc Honours Accounting 3 yrs (N400) Accounting with French 4 yrs (N4R1) Accounting with Spanish 4 yrs (N4R4) Economics and Accounting (see Economics entry) The Subject Accounting is concerned with the provision of economic information for both internal and external organisational stakeholders. The undergraduate Accounting degrees at Queen's are designed primarily for students who intend to enter the accounting profession and as such contain considerable practical content, as well as essential theory in the various specialisations of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Finance. Content The Single Honours Accounting degree comprises compulsory modules together with optional modules available in the School. The compulsory modules are: Year 1 Accounting Information Systems Economics 1 Introduction to Legal Study and Basic Contract Law Introductory Accounting 1 Introductory Accounting 2 Statistical Methods Year 2 Financial Accounting Financial Decision-making Financial Market Theory Management Accounting Managerial Behaviour Year 3 Advanced Financial Accounting Advanced Management Accounting Auditing and Accountability Law of Business Organisations Taxation Students studying Accounting with a Modern Language substitute two core language modules each year for some of those above. For details of the Economics and Accounting degree, please see the Economics entry on page 92. UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2014 | Queen’s University Belfast | Q75 QBELF50 A Accounting Entrance Requirements Accounting A-level: AAB/AAA + GCSE Mathematics grade B. Accounting with a Modern Language A-level: AAB/AAA + GCSE Mathematics grade B. For French option: normally A-level French or AS-level French grade B. For Spanish option: normally A-level Spanish or AS-level Spanish grade B or GCSE Spanish grade B or evide

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