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Asphalt Carriers from Kraljevica Shipyard, Croatia

Brodarski Institute d.o.o.
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  • Asphalt Carriers
  • Ship Design
  • Cargo Spaces
  • Stability
  • Design


This article is based on the materials presented by the experts from Kraljevica Shipyard at the annual meeting of the Croatian shipbuilding designers held in Kraljevica in October 2005. Asphalt tanker Asphalt Seminole and her sister-ships are rather sophisticated vessels having a complex hull structure, cargo space and cargo survey and control equipment. Therefore, firstly the technical data of the already delivered asphalt tanker Asphalt Seminole are given and then, the very interesting development of her design in presented. Special emphasis is given to the design of the cargo space, to the stability survey of the intact ship at various loading cases as well as to the damaged ship stability and floatability calculation in accordance with the pollution prevention regulations. Finally, a comparison of the present ship with various similar asphalt tankers in exploitation is made.

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