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A Critical Assessment of the Cultural Content of Two Primary English Textbooks Used in Nigeria

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  • Cultural Content
  • Primary School English
  • Literacy
  • Education


Culture (a people’s ways of life) and literacy (the permanent possession of the skills of reading,writing and numeracy) are two sides of the same coin. The former prepares the individual through approvedsocial roles, while latter ensures that the former is not only promoted and preserved, but also made morefunctional. Then the textbook is a powerful medium for cultural sustenance and literacy development. Thelanguage textbook in particular is vital to making culture relevant to intellectual development. One aim oflanguage teaching-learning is to produce the learner who would not only be able to engage in the fourlanguage skills rewardingly, but also be culturally literate. Unfortunately, culture is not monolithic, just asdifferent writers have different visions and styles for their art. Every nation also has what she wants educationto do for her, which must include cultural revival and cultural integration. In this era of globalization, culture,especially if it lacks technological base, can be dangerously disadvantaged. This researcher sought to evaluatethe cultural content of two basal textbooks used in teaching Primary school English in a Second context with aview to determining how the writers have reflected cultural context. Based on the findings from the study,recommendations were made to course book writers and relevant other stakeholders.

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