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Milestones, global presence, and scientific progress

Journal of Natural Science Biology and Medicine
Medknow Publications
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DOI: 10.4103/0976-9668.92310
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I am delighted to inform our readers about indexing of Journal of Natural Science Biology and Medicine (JNSBM) in PubMed, which I believe is an important milestone in the progress of JNSBM in scientific publishing as a multispecialty journal. Collateral to this, JNSBM will from now be published by Medknow – Wolters Kluwer Health, thus further enhancing its global exposure. Nevertheless, these developments are motivation for us to improve and publish the best for our readers. In this issue, as in the earlier ones, we have included some exciting research and review articles and case reports. Among these articles is a prediction model for estimating the oral bioavailability of drugs. Considering that 40% of all drugs in preclinical development/discovery fail because of poor bioavailability and, on top of it, the enormous cost associated with such screens, availability of such an in-silico tool will be of immense utility in the preclinical drug discovery. We have also included an article on liquid chromatography as an analytical method in evaluating the purity of compounds in chemical synthesis. Continuing our focus on stem cell therapies, in this issue we have included a review article on the role of stem cells in hepatic repair. Although liver has high innate regenerative capabilities, under certain conditions (both genetic and acquired), this regenerative capability is compromised. Nevertheless, stem cell therapy offers an attractive therapeutic approach to combat such conditions, wherein currently liver transplant is the only available option. It will be interesting to follow if the stem cell based therapeutic approach will supersede the liver transplantation based surgical approach in future. Natural products have continued to provide us with wonderful medicines since time immemorial and the current advancement in scientific research into further understanding of medical utility of natural products has opened new therapeutic options. In the current issue, we include an article on the therapeutic pot

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