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Revelações do imaginario : iconografia campineira do final do seculo XIX

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Departing from a group of images and drawings produced by the Liberdades tobacco factory (Fábrica de Fumo Liberdade), placed in the city of Campinas in 1899, I examine the city urban imaginary at the end of the XIX century. Those groups of images make clear a pre determine intention, a visual discourse about Campinas at this period, but also implied throughout this visual discourse, a complete sequence of production and consumption of Campinas images in the last tem years of the XIX century. The investigation also tried to search the invisible information, those not available at NA immediate glance, that seams to appear from a group of objects already marked by a visibility/representation relation, ransom as accurate as possible the course of the photographs establishment that were acting at the city in the last XIX century decades and also investigate the commercial and symbolical relations between the photograph activity and the Campinas city society

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