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There are three group of talent child with learning difficulty which be controlled, one of them is child who experience underachiever that their performance is lower than others. If it is like a glass, it should be able to full by water but in the fact the glass is just contained half of glass or half of their self confidence. This self confidence may constraint child to have good performance. There fore initial detection and initial handling need to be done for underachiever child. One of something which be done by using playing therapy. There are four of games in this therapies, they are expression card, hand doll, cublak­cublak suweng, and confidence ladder. Infour of games, child are asked to explorated all their ability by intervention. The goal of this game to increase self confidence of underachiever child. This study use single case experimental design by using A­B­C design that A phase is measurement of initial condition and effect after treatment and B phase is treatment giving. The study subject are child who have underachiever with low self confidence. The data collecting technique is carried out by observation method which study instrument such as observation guide by check list and rating scale. The data analysis use graphic analysis which be interpreted descriptively. Based on the study result may be conclude that game therapy may help to increase self confidence for underachiever child. The increasing of self confidence may be seen in graphic change among before treatment and after treatment. If it is reviewed per aspect, they also experienced increasing in graphic before treatment and after treatment.

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