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ダイガクセイ ノ モツ イクジ イメージ ト タイジ カンジョウ : カンゴ ガッカ ガクセイ ト タ ガッカ ガクセイ トノ ヒカク

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  • 育児イメージ
  • 対児感情
  • 大学生
  • Education


The aim of this study is to help Maternity and Pediatric Nursing education to understand students thinking about childcare. We examined 288 students at three universities. Student's image of childcare was ambivalent but students who like children and affirmative estimation to their parents had received better scores. The students who experience with childcare had a better score in emotions. There was a high correlation between images and emotions regarding childcare. Of the three university student groups, childcare department students recei ved the highest scores, but nursing department students received the lowest scores.

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