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Controlled Synthesis of Tuned Bandgap Nanodimensional Alloys of PbSxSe1−x

Journal of the American Chemical Society
American Chemical Society
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Truly alloyed PbS(x)Se(1-x) (x = 0-1) nanocrystals (similar to 5 nm in size) have been prepared, and their resulting optical properties are red-shifted systematically as the sulfur content of the materials increases. Their optical properties are discussed using a modified Vegard's approach and the bowing parameter for these nanoalloys is reported for the first time. The alloyed structure of the nanocrystals is supported by the energy-filtered transmission electron microscope images of the samples, which show a homogeneous distribution of sulfur and selenium within the nanocrystals. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies on ligand-exchanged nanocrystals confirmed the expected stoichiometry and various oxidized species.

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