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La psicología como ideología exótica en los oscuros años del proceso de desorganización nacional: 1975-1980

Universidad Nacional de San Luis
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  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology


In this paper I attempt to rethink in an ethical and deontological way a period of tragical history that the condition of 'psychologist' have gone through in Argentina. During the unfortunate years of the last military government (above all in first years), several discipline scientific fields were included in repressors 'black' lists because they were considered injurious for 'nationality'. Psychology was one of them; it was categorized by military men as an 'exotic ideology' because they did not agree about their ideals of 'patriotism'. Product of a trans-appraissement in Argentina, there were concise and objective facts which specified this discipline exclusion; courses finishing, teachers and studients expulsion from psychology courses in different national universities, ideological relationship among psychology and subversion.

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