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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to John V. Tunney

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October 4, 1972 Honorable John Tunney United States Senate Washington, D.C. 20510 DQar Senator Tuanay, Thank you very much for the effort you lbl~ on behalf of my colleague Professor Cavalli-Sforza in connection with his concerns about his immigration status. The letter he hae received from the CoPrdiLokknaarapppra8s to clarify his situation in an evidently satisfactory fashion. Let me also take the occasion to reply vith my belated appreciation for your 1QttQr Of November 29, 1971 on the occasion of an avard of a grant from the National SC~Q~CQ Foundation. Frankly, when I received that, I thought that was merely a form postcard and I was a little chagrined but even more delighted to learn later on that that was by no means the case. I was also pleased to see your article in the Saturday RQviev about "Genetic Engineering" which is certainly among the most clear-minded statements that I have read in this easily distorted area of public concern. I do not give a very high priority of concern and anxiety about the lfkelihood of government interference In private behavior In this particular field - there are many more immediate abuses to be worried about - but this is not to say that these issues can be swept under thQ rug. You may be interested to read some statements I have written recently on a similar subject. Perhaps the most important thing that I would like to communicate on this occasion is my very strong indoraement of the idea that Tom Gallagher was discussing with us about setting up groups of scholars in different fields to function as informal, and sometimes pluralistic, advisory councils for youo Beiug a Senator from California it certainly brings on many burdens and complexities, but the State has the advantage of having many Intellectual resources and I am glad to see that you have a mind to tap them in a systematic fashion. The need for very careful staff work on many complicated questions is unfortunately brought out all too drama

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