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Effects of Self-Heating on Performance Degradation in AlGaN/GaN-Based Devices

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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A self-consistent electrothermal transport model that couples electrical and thermal transport equations is established and applied to AlGaN/GaN device structures grown on the following three different substrate materials: 1) SiC; 2) Si; and 3) sapphire. Both the resultant I-V characteristics and surface temperatures are compared to experimental I-V measurements and Raman spectroscopy temperature measurements. The very consistent agreement between measurements and simulations confirms the validity of the model and its numerical rendition. The results explain why the current saturation in measured I-V characteristics occurs at a much lower electric field than that for the saturation of electron drift velocity. The marked difference in saturated current levels for AlGaN/GaN structures on SiC, Si, and sapphire substrates is directly related to the different self-heating levels that resulted from the different biasing conditions and the distinctive substrate materials

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