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Observation of B0 s →χc1φ decay and study of B0→χc1,2K∗0 decays

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The first observation of the decay B0s→χc1ϕ and a study of B0→χc1,2K⁎0 decays are presented. The analysis is performed using a dataset, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 1.0 fb−1, collected by the LHCb experiment in pp collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV. The following ratios of branching fractions are measured: B(B0s→χc1ϕ)B(B0s→J/ψϕ)=(18.9±1.8(stat)±1.3(syst)±0.8(B))×10−2,B(B0→χc1K⁎0)B(B0→J/ψK⁎0)=(19.8±1.1(stat)±1.2(syst)±0.9(B))×10−2,B(B0→χc2K⁎0)B(B0→χc1K⁎0)=(17.1 ±5.0(stat)±1.7(syst)±1.1(B))×10−2, Turn MathJax off where the third uncertainty is due to the limited knowledge of the branching fractions of χc→J/ψγ modes.

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