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283283 355.45(497.5)”1990/1995”(01) 32(497.5)”1990/1998”(01) SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY Of BOOKS ON CROATIAN HISTORY, 1990-1998 Ivica MIŠKULIN* The modern Croatian state, created at the very end of the twentieth century, cannot, unfortunately, be placed among the ranks of those states that owe their emergence to the peaceful awakening of a given ethnic community’s national awareness which then naturally took concrete form in the political body called a state, or by means of the peaceful dissolution of a multinational communi- ty into its components which then emerged as independent states, or by some other manner by which a state can emerge. Croatia’s emergence is, due to cruel historical fate, tied to an aggressive attack by its closest neighbor, aided by rebellion within its borders, and a bloody war with numerous human victims and enormous destruction of property, exacerbated by an unfavorable inter- national climate. Nonetheless, despite these more or less inclement factors, the end of the century saw, together with a number of others, the appearance of the independent Croatian state on Europe’s political map. Much has been written about this period by authors from both Croatia and elsewhere. Therefore, even a superficial overview of everything written requires no less than an extensive study, and the sheer quantity of materials essentially dictated the selection mentioned in the title to this work. Several selective factors were taken into account in this regard. First and foremost, the selection was limited solely to books (studies, monographs, etc.), overlooking at this time an entire series of valuable works dealing with events in Croatia from 1990 to 1998 that were published in numerous periodicals (journals, etc.), anthologies and so forth. Secondly, only works by Croatian authors (in the sense that they were published in Croatia) were taken into account due to the nature of publication in which this article is being published. Additionally, an attempt wa

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