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Specific heat of magnetic Ce alloys within a two-component model



We propose a description of the electronic properties of Ce alloys as an inhomogeneous mixture of two components: one containing magnetic Ce ions with an RKKY interaction J H between them, and the other described as a collection of Kondo impurities with exchange interaction J K . Both J H and J K are assumed to depend on a composition parameter X, with a Gaussian distribution around a value X 0 (near to the expectation value of X), related to the experimental composition parameter x of the alloy. When the concentration of the Kondo impurities is large, the specific heat C displays non-Fermi liquid behavior over a wide temperature range. The main qualitative features of C/T as a function of temperature T observed in several Ce alloys are reproduced using simple J H (X) and J K (X) dependences. Copyright Springer-Verlag Berlin/Heidelberg 2004

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