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Analytic modelling of connection flow for a wood - concrete composite structure

Croatian association of civil engineers
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  • Spregnuta Konstrukcija
  • Drvo - Beton
  • Analitički Model
  • Vremenska Popustljivost
  • Moždanici
  • Modul Klizanja
  • Composite Structure
  • Wood - Concrete
  • Analytical Model
  • Time Failure
  • Shear Connector
  • Sliding Module


The definition of an analytic time failure model, or the rheological connector sliding module, is presented for the wood-concrete composite structure subjected to constant load. The analytical model is based on experimental testing of rheological behaviour, i.e. behaviour after constant long-term load, of the wood-concrete composite, where connection has been achieved using special-type shear connectors. The results are described by analytical model using the program package Mathematica.

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