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“The personal is political, the political is academic”: Intersections of race, class, and gender in narratives of Latina graduate students

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  • Graduate Students
  • Academics
  • Latino/A
  • Discrimination
  • Race
  • Gender


This project aims to answer the following questions: What activities are included in the everyday lives of Latina graduate students? How do Latina graduate students perceive themselves on campus? Do Latina graduate students struggle to position themselves in large university settings-that is, do they encounter tensions between themselves and faculty (especially white faculty), themselves and students they teach, etc.? Do Latina graduate students face different challenges than non-Latina or male graduate students? What was it like to be a Latina graduate student before the 21st century? Have conditions improved in terms of retention, funding, gender and ethnic acceptance, etc.? Based on eight interviews and a literature review, this study explores the existence of discrimination and discusses the women’s struggles to cope with racial and gender discrimination.

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