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Pengaruh ekstrak bunga Hibiscus rosa sinensis, L terhadap kesuburan (fekunditas) mencit jantan strain A J

Jurnal Kedokteran Yarsi
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ABSTRACTOne of the research strategy employed by the WHO Task Force was to develop a mule contraceptive method using substances from herbs that were assumed to contain active antifertility agent. One herb concidered to be a male contraceptive was the Hibiscus rosa sinensis, L or commonly known as the red hibiscus. The purpose of this study was to know the effect the flower extract of Hibiscus rosa sinensis, L on the fecundity of AJ Strain of male mice. The experiment was carried out using five groups, while two groups acted as control and placebo (K1 and K2), and the other three groups were treated using 200 mg/Kg BW dose (PI), 250 mg/Kg BW dose (P2), and 300 mg/Kg BW dose (P3).The administration of the flower extract conductedorally once a day during one cycle of spermatogenesis.The result showed that the number of baby mice that were born by be female mice ajier treatment with flower extract mated with mature male mice showed a significant decrease in number of its offsprings. As a parameter of the decrease of the offsping of mice was shown, when the dose of the flower extract was determined at a dose of 200 mg/Kg BB. Also obvious was the pact that the administration of the flower extract of Hibiscus rosa sinensis at every dose did not decrease the body weight of all the mice tested.KEYWORDS Hibiscetine; antifertility; spermatogenic cells

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