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Electrochemical Synthesis of Copper Thin Films: Nucleation and Growth Analysis

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Thins films are deposited on bulk materials to attain properties which are superior to the parent substrates. In this project Cu thin films have been synthesized on graphite substrate using the electrodeposition technique. Deposition occurs by a process of nucleation and growth. The mechanisms related to the initial stages of the nucleation and growth of Cu thin films on the rough face side of graphite have been studied as a function of temperature, Cu concentration and acid concentration. The analysis of the corresponding potentiostatic j/t transients suggests that the deposition takes place according to instantaneous nucleation 3D diffusion controlled growth, giving account for the formation of hemispherical nuclei. The extent of nucleation was found to be increased with decreasing temperatures and increasing metal ion and acid concentration, with spherical copper deposition. Ex situ SEM images and XRD analysis of the surface seem to support these assumptions.

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