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Implementation of mixed precision in solving systems of linear equations on the Cell processor

Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience
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To our Authors Beyond the Book: digital Products for a digital World As readers embrace the convenience and media capabilities of new electronic devices – smartphones, Kindles, iPads, and more – Wiley is providing new digital products that are transforming our role as a publisher. We are drawing on our rich base of author content to create innovative offerings and to deliver wider access to our content than ever before. Forty percent of our total business now derives from digital products, and that share is growing rapidly. E-books, o-books, GoinG MobilE E-book sales are posting triple-digit growth, driven not only by the proliferation of new devices but also by the emergence of global vendors and by the increasing richness of content. By way of example, The Professional Chef, iPad Edition (based on the flagship culinary title we publish in partnership with the Culinary Institute of America) is an interactive learning resource offering slideshows, videos, and pop-up descriptions of ingredients and techniques. We have supplemented such new releases with thousands of backlist titles that are now available as e-books. In scientific and scholarly research, journals led the way online, with a relatively simple format that allowed an easier transition than for books. Launched in 2001, Wiley’s Online Books (also known as “o-books”) program has now come into its own, with more than 10,000 titles sharing the stage with the 1,500 journals and extensive reference, laboratory protocol, and database offerings on Wiley Online Library. Online Books now account for nearly 20 percent of total book sales within our Scientific, Technical, Medical, and Scholarly business, also known as Wiley-Blackwell. Mobile devices have emerged as an important channel for several types of content. Our portfolio of For Dummies apps extends the brand’s “Making Everything Easier” promise to a younger demographic, the new Frommer’s ShortCuts guide series puts information at travelers’ fingertips, a

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