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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Ward Pigman

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  • Biology


Dr. Ward Pigman, ktitute for paper Chemistry, Appleton, Yi.8. Dear Dr. Pigman, Xbn very sorry that 1 was unable to fulfill ~qy in4ention.s of visiting you lart week, arid truet that my telegram oaim in tim to save you smbarras8ment. 4a 8ooR as I can oonvdentiy fiL?inage it, I'll complete those intentions. Dr. Link and aonm”f3his students are very kindly helping me in the eyntheoi~ of vu4otm substrates. f may have told ytiu l2mt SAW of the lactosac-negative autanta can split AmAhyi, butyl- and phanyi- b-gakxtoeridss, uhsreas others aannot. Among the compounds that should be of some interest ie raethyl-.I.-arabinoside, Qf course, we want the one with the BIBO~C) ring structure as b=d-galactoside and it ia on this point that we have mna confusion, because there are several. nomenelaturw. could you tell m the m.p. and rotation of (fa&hyl) the uompound you refer to au &-1-arabinoside 3 the one wt)ich is pre- sumably related to b-d--galactoside? If you should happen to know if anyone has any of aam, so much the better, as Prof. Link teU.a aw that the synthesis is not only laboriou but tiPae-consu&.ng. “;ny dkyl - derivative would be about aa useful as the methyl. Additional biological evidence of a reiationship betwesn l-mabinose ;+nti d-gal&c- adapt& to arabinoae ad well, and conversely. Slncarely,

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