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Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
  • Teknik Elektronika


Final project is a work of applied ATmega32 microcontroller IC. These devices are made with the aim to replace the characters on board the information over long distances and can be replaced as needed. The design uses a microcontroller ATmega32 as the main controller for all this with a microcontroller system design requirements are met. This tool uses the design method design methods that consist of several stages namely, (1) Identify the needs, (2) needs analysis, (3) The design of the hardware (4) design software, (5) mechanical design, and (6) testing. For this test method includes testing the power supply, mobile phone sender, the mobile phone used mobile phone siemens C45 as a receiver, a microcontroller circuit as a data processor, serial communications and a 16x2 LCD viewer information. The working principle of this tool that every incoming SMS program on the microcontroller will check the password on the content of SMS messages, if the existing password on the content of SMS is true then the program on the microcontroller will take the contents of SMS and data will be displayed to the LCD as an information board. From the test results, overall has been obtained that the hardware consists of a series of inputs in the form of SMS on mobile phone content receiver that is connected to the serial data cable and power supply circuit, and entered into a data processor ATmega32 microcontroller, the contents of the SMS then go into the output circuit is LCD. The software in the form of programs using basic programming languages. This tool is capable of displaying the contents of the SMS sent from the sender's mobile phone if the password is right there on the SMS contents, the display on the LCD is the contents of incoming SMS on the mobile phone receiver of the information. The conclusion in the can that this tool has been working as planned. Keyword : SMS, board information, remote control

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