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"Skilda världar" : skolbibliotekariers undervisning i informationssökning i gymnasieskolan

Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM
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  • Skolbibliotek
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  • Skolbibliotekarier
  • Undervisning
  • Documentation
  • Information
  • Library Science
  • Archivistics
  • Arkiv- Och Bibliotekskunskap
  • Dokumentation
  • Social Sciences
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  • Education


?SEPARATE WORLDS?. School librarians teaching in information seeking in high school. The aim of this Master's thesis is to study how information seeking is taught in high school and how school librarians describe their experiences of teaching information seeking. Five school librarians from five different high schools (gymnasium) in Skåne participated in the study. The empirical data derives from five interviews and fourteen observations conducted over a period of three weeks. Information seeking is taught both in the classroom and in the school library when students turn to the librarian for help. In this thesis we apply, among other theories, a socio-cultural perspective on learning, a perspective that is characterized by the idea that learning can be divided into three interrelated and collaborative parts: intellectual (verbal) tools, technological tools and interaction between communities. The conditions in which the school librarians teach depend on a variety of factors, including the design and function of the school library, the school leadership's attitude towards the school library and whether the school has written policies in place that describe the aims of the school library. It is important that the school librarians are given the opportunity to explore further professional development and are given access to new research on information seeking. One of the major findings of our study is that the students need support in their information seeking and in order to provide this support, teachers and school librarians must collaborate. What we noted in this study is that this collaboration is inadequate. There should also be more teaching sessions if the students are to become proficient at seeking information. The school librarians could guide the students more effectively by using a revolving screen that allows the student to follow the information seeking process. Above all, the students learn best by being taught information seeking on a continual basis.

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