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Commission report to the Council on the location of Community departments. Situation at the end of the third quarter of 1981. COM (82) 5 final, 19 February 1982

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COIVIMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES cou(84) I finar. Bruesels, 19 Fcbruary 1982. I qgq, I SoMMISSION RAPORT 30 TiiE COUNCTL ON TFE I,OCATIOII OT COM}4UNIET DEPARTMENTS Situgtto4. tt the end, of. t},e thild guarterl{ 1991 cou(Ba) g flnat. Phil Text Box User Rectangle ,*1, e"Sn\ 5 Artiele 10 of trre Faoirion *:f *!trl itsp;:s'ss::i'i',:r"* *f tI:* fic{err$lt*n-hs of ",! Menber S*ates CIn ths Fruvis.itr.r.r*li I-.*ra"tir:.::r +f f;ertal:i. Insit:r,tti:t:ioi:::r ri$.i1. 1l€Iii'iJ'i;Fienti::t:f th.e cr:mm:isris:Les (Hergwr" T:r:,ea$;') *-i;:rt,rs 'bh*,t *'i;lre 0$r.e;:.ilxrents ,:,f t-ir* llen]:er Sta:ies nr:e wi 3.1-ing toi i,aua*e :in l,q;r-g*:ru'!i$'rr'-{-&", ori;* l.rar.i*lfqr:r' th,q;z'" *tk,e:' Co;inmr'.*.it;r bt'di"ne ond" clepa.r'*t*en'teie par"*"ieu3"a-'*3.y" *lroc* ct:lrslslr'r:.*r!. wi-"'qlr. f!{iry?,*$r pl'oviderl thai; thei.:: propor frmctie,nip.S be etreure*" ?* thi.s *;r'3.. 'tl:-cy :reqr:en't the (lor*usisslon *o 5rr,*mo:rti t,n'&h*:er **;u a:r*3:-+rt ,*n" *l;r* ct:srei-r."h si"i;u;ttion * the 3.or;a,tio* of CIo:onnru:*:i.'by bc'*3.ies cr:rtr *epa.r:'*&as].*a i*:r.*" c'r"r'{;l:r.e po*s:t?;fi:i*;'' of takS"ng n"ew s*eps *** g:i'v'e effe*& tr: tltis pr*rv:ieiir; &cr;oun's tr*ing taken r:f *h.m :rre*d ts? snsrrlt:* 'tlre proper, fll.n*tistring of, 'fh,n ConnunitrieBtro Each year since corup}ianoe trith I 't tgSB 'ttre$ has pr"e*ented. a reprort, tc, *he Ccuncif in these provts*.onao This repoet., th.o'teen'!";h, tleeer,ibes *hs sltuatlon a,t'eL1e end. of September L9B1' I* *THRffiffi-g*8ruSffi io A.* *3re end. of .$epteruter L98L a tstal cf ? 531 *f,flcia,}ru a;n.el 3.,.**aJ" ntpff(ad"ririr:iu*rurti.v'e rrpproprS"*:l.tone) l,dsx's 5)€r€saner**19' *"en:l.g:red 'brl '[he va,rj"o'..r.s Conmj.esjrrn d"epar$morr*s in Eruss€" *hl$ tee"&a.!, tre,a road* rtl:, p.s f*rJ.]"r,r*rpt Category A 1 Languago Servlce Category B t Category C 2 Category D Iocel ste^ff 7 55L llr..*f , 2! Oetober 1-p

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