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Letter from D. H. Wenrich to Joshua Lederberg

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UNWERSITY ofPE.N.hWLVANIA PHILADELPHIA 4 The College ZOOLOGICAL LABORATORY 38th St. and Woodland Ave. May 16, 195l Dr. Joshua Lederberg University of Yisconsin Xadison , Xisconsin Dear Dr. Lederberg: I m trying to orgunize a sy1riposiurfl on "Sex in IIzicroorgmiscls" for the meetings of the i;. A. A. S. to be held in 2hiladelghi.s next December. This syqosim is to be sponsored by Section G (Dotany) and Bectim F (?oolom) of the association. Two sessions are planned, one for each Section. 7or the Botanical Section it sems desirable to have a paper on the evidences for sex in bacteria e.nd viruses, one on sex in fungi, and one ofi sex in unicellular algae. Dr. 11. G. Eutchioson has given ile your nme as the m.n to give us the report on bacteria and viruses. ;'lill you, therefore, let me know at the earliest possible r:;ozlent whether or not you can participate ir- this sy:.:posim in the way suggested. If you find it iqossible to do so, IAll you please suggest one or m- ,,e mm who could give us a paper on the subject indicated. An early reply is urgent. Very sincerely yours, D. 3. .:enrich um : s c

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