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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Koert Gerzon

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Dr. &&anti C*fzan Otgnlc ChmCcrl l)lvIstan Th8 tl lly Ilrlufch Labcmtarles 1mttmqxaIs 6, tndtma 9m8r Ko8rt: Yas, t dtd talk to Dr. Armuw and ~8 ancar@ to lmw of his tonta- ttva ftndlmgs* C was rise glad to 1-m ttmt hts n? nststnt call itno Is also raslstmt to thm HP rlbosldo, so that tta posstblo sem- stttvtty to tha rlbatl* addstrr ts less lllerly to have l trlvtal oxplanatlon of pm&us hydmlysts to tha rIbus?&. I rnsuld tndmd k [email protected] to saa sum. m of ttm thymtdyl lc acid d+ftvcttw, though@ t hqm yau m8y MM k pnpHd to canstdef syn- -7 tlmstztng tt wtth e trtttun or C-tk IaIm to allas for a mom dtract Y test of tts amtab tt prepme tes. Wo hma had umstdoribl+ discussion -3 about thts gmwrl pmblmn st tha fnstttut+, awl till* thara Is sum 22 cmtrovarsy just hew far wm shauld up tn this dimetIm, thmn Is pratty glrllrfsl ~Feasmt that 8ynthas.s wlth at ioast aabfatr bvmls of t8kt- t tng ou)ht to k thought of tmro oftu4 thul is usually the c8s8. unlass w fd tht it 1% Cltlrbt~ tO0 f8F OV8r I#9 umwbody @tU’S [email protected], t would 81S0 lI)u to suggwt that you amrIder prmparlng the corrospandlng [email protected]+s frOt@ [email protected]~, st!Wr W h8va -tiy st8ft.d 8f-1 W6fBItClt pfqfars of studfar cm the enzymatic basis of nsIst8nc-a to fu amd Its rIbasIde ami demyrlbostde. ln addftlm to th. 8Vit18btllty Of the thyd~t?C Said8t8 fW th6 MltrttlOn @f 8 thydn8 mutsnt, 1 would 81sO te8t it for Its cqmclty to mvarso the lnhlbttlai ot E. colt by fluoro- uracll and lts derlvatlves. we wt 11 k chscktng art the thymIne [email protected] strcrlns md nIlI smd thm an to pu aft.+ hevlng dmm thls. UnfOftun&t8~y, it fs ~O&lcy) art, 88 I had f88md tt might, that I wtll be ti8d d#m ln Bslttmwr 8md id8Sht~tUl @vef tha ti?tW’v8l that I had hopad t might Jotn the other plloph from th8 Inrtftuto when they vlsltd you. l&nmvor, I am vmy plmmd thst our colt8agu8s WI11 b8 vtswnjl yaw ldoratortss und I ama wry sum that this will bs a us8ful brsls for furthw smmunlcat ton. Ccwdi81 ly, Joshua L8dwk

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