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Review on the Impact of Teachers’ Behaviour on Students’ Self-regulation

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
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DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2013.12.672
  • Studetnt Self Regulation
  • Teacher'S Behavior
  • Dicipline
  • Rapport
  • Eagerness
  • Education


Abstract Lack of interest for obeying rules and discipline in schools could cause many different problems for students in field of education, society, and family. Such a lack of interest toward self-regulation sets the basis for staying away from obeying rules and laws, lack of self-esteem, and more law breaking even in students who do not have serious and abnormal behavior and problems. Teachers who possess knowledge and skills in recognizing problems and creating positive relation and rapport with students are regarded to be one of the most important sources in structuring students’ personality development. This study attempts to explain the importance of teachers’ role in creating self-regulative behaviors in students. This research investigates following hypothesis:1. There is significant positive correlation between the teachers ‘friendly relationship and rapports and students’ eagerness for discipline. 2. There is a positive and significant relationship between teachers’ amount of respect for students and students ‘organization. 3. There is positive significant relationship between teachers’ effort in fully explaining educational material to students and students’ self- regulation. 4. There is significant relationship between teachers’ self-regulation model and students’ acceptance of discipline. In order to test the research hypothesis, 400 grade 6 male students were selected randomly from guidance schools of 6th district of Tehran and data were collected by researcher –made questionnaire. The research result displayed that receptive and honest relationship between teachers and students, the dominance of teachers’ self-regulative model for students, teachers ‘satisfactory effort in order to clarify educational materials, respect and acceptance toward students, as well as family success cause the increase of the students’ self regulative behavior.

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