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Stress Akibat Kerja pada Tenaga Kerja yang Terpapar Bising

The Indonesian Journal of Public Health
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The objective of this research was to study whether noise in the work place can caused occupational stress among workers exposed to it. This was an observational research that was done cross-sectionally among all workers at 7 Rice Milling Company located at Metatu Village-Benjeng Gresik (31 workers). Primary data including: noise intensity levels was taken by using Sound Level Meter (Kanomax), while respondents perceptions on noise (feeling discomfort or not), symptoms of stress (headache, hypertension, gastro-intestinal disorders, anger feeling, shoulder pain, forgetfulness, easy to blame others) were taken by direct interview using questionnaire. The results presented in frequency-distribution table and cross-tabulation. While correlation between variables were analyzed descriptively and the strength of the correlation was analyzed by using contingency coefficient (C). It was concluded that most of respondents had stress symptoms including headache, hypertension, anger feeling and forgetfulness. The symptoms of low back pain and shoulder pain caused by ergonomic factors (loading and repetitive awkward posture). There were correlation (strong enough) between headache and perception of noise (C = 0.499). While the correlation between noise perception and hypertension, anger feeling, forgetfulness were weak with C: 0.162, 0.295 and 0.043 respectively. The mean of noise intensity level was 95.58 dBA (more than the Threshold Limit Values recommended by Indonesian’s Minister of Labor No. 51-1999 namely 85 dBA).Key words: noise, occupational stress, worker

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