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Sistem analisis prestasi akademik murid : Sekolah Kebangsaan Selayang Utama

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This project is an extension of an extended line of a chain relationship of the education system. It deals mainly with schools’ performance. Previous research has shown there are many elements that affect schools’ performance. Where political policies, public pressures, curriculum development and technology evolution shape the education system today, the group that is greatly affected is the student. Focusing in Malaysia education system, this project’s core idea is narrowed down to developing an evaluation system that will path new way in government’s never ending efforts to improve the quality of education, particularly in primary school, a significant step forward in a person educational life. In today’s competitive and challenging environment, the need for real-time information has received much emphasis. This evaluation programme will be an advantage that provide competitive weapon for the school to improve its efficiencies and effectiveness in management to achieve high quality performance. After implementation, I believe this system will proved to be a comprehensive solution, a well spent investment that will reduce data redundancy and eliminate non-value-added activities across the school. Hence, it will give more free time for the school to engage in more planning and quality activities

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