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Životní styl pracovníků působících v poradenství zdravého životního stylu.

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  • Determinanty Zdraví
  • Kouření
  • Pitný Režim
  • Pohybová Aktivita
  • Poradna Zdravého životního Stylu
  • Složky Výživy
  • Stres
  • životní Styl
  • Determinants Of Healthy
  • Smoking
  • Drinks
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Lifestyle Advice
  • Nutrients
  • Stress
  • Lifestyle
  • Medicine


Lifestyle belongs to the most significant factors that influence our health. Lifestyle of most people at the beginning of the 21st century is rather alarming. Healthy lifestyle counselling provides basic range of tests and examinations that determine the level of individual risk of a client. Risk analysis enables to recommend an optimum change in nutrition, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, physical activity and stress management. The thesis is divided in the theoretical and practical part. The first part introduces theoretical determination of the issue. It deals with the concept of lifestyle and questions that influence health factors. In the practical part the research results are presented. The research focused on the description of lifestyle of healthy lifestyle counsellors. I used the method of a questionnaire and I processed the obtained data statistically. The research set consisted of 153 respondents working in the field of healthy lifestyle counselling. The control group consisted of 438 employees of Public Health Protection bodies. Based on the research I have concluded that healthy lifestyle counsellors are aware of the importance to keep healthy lifestyle, however, they do not always follow the particular recommendations. Main problems are above all a lack of physical activity, insufficient consumption of fish and legumes.

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