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[Federal-Aid Systems map of] Rockingham County, North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources
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  • Rockingham County (N.C.)--Maps.
  • Roads--North Carolina--Rockingham County--Maps.
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This map was prepared from data collected by the state-wide highway planning survey as one of a series of county maps showing the federal, state, and county highway systems in each county as of January 1, 1963. Map has been annotated. Green tape designates Federal Aid Secondary (FAS) highway routes and numbers, and black tape designates Federal Aid Primary (FAP) highway routes and numbers. Schools, churches, and other landmarks are noted; and rivers, creeks, and other topographical features are identified. A legend is in the right margin. A location map is found in the bottom right. Maps of Mayodan and vicinity, Wentworth, Stoneville, Ruffin, Price, Reidsville and vicinity, and Leaksville - Spray - Draper and vicinity appear in the margins of sheet one and on sheet two.

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