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An Empirical Study of Women-Friendly Program and Organizational Performance in Korean Local Governments

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  • 여성친화정책
  • 여성공무원
  • 조직성과
  • 직무행태
  • Women-Friendly Policy
  • Women-Friendly Policy And Organizational Performance
  • Organizational Performance
  • Women-Friendly Policy In Korean Local Governments
  • Political Science


The goal of this paper is to investigate the relationship between women-friendly program and organizational performance in Korean local governments. As the number of women employees is on the rise in Korean local governments, women-friendly program is needed to provide the condition under which women can do their best in organizational commitment and job satisfaction. This study has empirically analyzed how women-friendly program are worked in Korean local governments and investigated whether these programs do positively affect the organizational performance of public employees. The survey results conducted with 1,000 public employees in Korean local governments show that there is a strong positive relationship between women-friendly program and organizational performance.

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