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Letter from Frits and Ida Orskov to Joshua and Esther Lederberg

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STATENS SERUMINSTITUT Copenhagen S. Denmark. STATE Director: INSTITUTE . D. Telephone No.: Central 2835 (Open day & night). Telegraphic Address: Statsserum, Copenhagen. Giro Account No.: 2817. January 29, 1958 Dear Esther and Josh, You ask us to let you hear from us often and disregard that you may be sometimes poor correspondents. Till now it has been the other way rounda Now we ask you to disregard that you have not heard a word from us since our departure from Fdadison. From now on we hope life will be more normal, so that letters will pass from here west more often., Thank you very much for your letters and for the check amounted $ 89,36, We were a little amazed at all the gallons of milk we had consumed according to the milkbill. After having received this and after having checked our checking- account from Madison we realized that the Bowman Dairy Company must be wrong, Could we bother you once more with this matter. 3 We are awefully sorry to do so but we are sure you agree in it being best to have it cleared up. We therefore return to you the milkbill from which it appears that the previous balance was # 7, 370 A check dated Nov. IO on this very amount has been cashed by the Dair$ Camp. We send you this check. Probably the mistake is due to our change,in addres from Prospect Place to Euginia Aveo In a way it was a queer feeling going back to our own old deskso We certainly enjoy many things here, but we are missing many other things from the lab in Madison. Little by little we will have gadgets from there introduced here. Just now we are having cut holes in our desks and other things will follow, In two or three months we will get get rid of our routine work in the sensitivity de- partment, this will save us a lot of time. We still have the Escherichia Center and for some length of time there will be enough to do here. So far we have hardly had time to think about any genetical work except making spottests to see if our

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