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Dispersion relations for meson-proton and proton-proton forward elastic scattering

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  • Physique
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  • Total Cross Section
  • Dispersion Relations
  • Mathematical & Earth Sciences :: Physics [G04]
  • MathéMatiques & Sciences De La Terre :: Physique [G04]
  • Elastic Amplitude


An analysis of the data on forward $pp, \bar pp, \pi^{\pm}p$ and $K^{\pm}p$ scattering is performed making use of the single- and double-subtraction integral and comparing with derivative dispersion relations for amplitudes. Various pomeron and odderon models for the total cross sections are considered and compared. The real part of the amplitude is calculated via dispersion relations. It is shown that the integral dispersion relations lead to a better description of the data for $\sqrt{s}>$5 GeV. Predictions of the considered models for the TOTEM experiment at LHC energies are given

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