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Defining and Assessing Adverse Environmental Impact: A Collection of Peer-Reviewed Papers

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  • Environmental Chemistry


TheScientificWorldJOURNAL is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of ‘Defining and Assessing Adverse Environmental Impact’, a collection of peer-reviewed papers from the Symposium of the same name held in association with the 131st Annual American Fisheries Society (AFS) Meeting August 19-23, 2001. Organizer of the Symposium was Douglas A. Dixon, Ph.D., Manager, Fish Protection Research at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), assisted by committee members John Veil of the Argonne National Laboratory, James R. Wright, Jr., Ph.D., of the Tennessee Valley Authority, and William Richkus, Ph.D., of Versar, Inc. The Symposium was sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute.

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