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Development and characterization of genipin crosslinked gelatin emulsion hydrogels and gelatin-starch inclusion physical hydrogels.

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  • Biomedical Engineering


The present study discusses about the development and characterization of genipin-crosslinked gelatin based emulsion hydrogels (EHs) and gelatin-starch based phase-separated hydrogels. EHs were prepared by varying the proportions of gelatin solution and mustard oil. The gelatin-starch based phase-separated hydrogels were prepared using corn starch, soluble starch and boiled starch. Both the uncrosslinked (uEHs) and the crosslinked (cEHs) gels were characterized thoroughly by microscopy. The microscopic results suggested that the internal phase droplet size distribution was broader for gels with higher proportions of oil. Thermal properties of the gels were found to be affected by both gelatin and mustard oil proportions. The gels were loaded with ciprofloxacin (CF, model drug). The pHs of the gels were within the limits of the pH of the human skin. Gelatin-starch based phase-separated hydrogels were characterized by pH and thermal studies, Metronidazole (MZ), a model antimicrobial drug, was incorporated within the hydrogels and all the samples were found to have pH in the range of 5.00-6.00.The gels were hemocompatible and tried as a carrier for controlled drug delivery.

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