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The Pathology of Polyoma Induced Tumours in Ferrets

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211 THE PATHOLOGY OF POLYOMA INDUCED TUIMOURS IN FERRETS ARIELA POMERANCE AND F. C. CHESTERMAN PFrom the Division of Experimental Biology and Virology, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Mill Hill, London, N. W.7 Received for publication December 5, 1964 IN 1961 Harris, Chesterman and Negroni described the induction of tumours in ferrets by the Mill Hill strain of polyoma virus (MHP). Since this report further tumours have arisen in the inoculated animals, and one has been surgically excised and followed through 5 recurrences. The histopathology of all these polyoma induced tumours has now been studied in detail and forms the basis for this communication. The tumours were induced by subcutaneous or intraperitoneal injection of MHP virus or phenol treated virus (to obtain infective DNA) into newborn ferrets and arose in the region of the inoculation site in 6 of the 39 animals injected. The induction periods varied from 66-365 days and 5 of the tumours were fibro- sarcomas. The sixth was an osteosarcoma (Table I). TABLE I.-Tumour8 in Ferrets Inoculated when Newlyborn with Polyoma Virus (Mill Hill Strain) or Phenol Treated Virus Tumours I- -% Inoculum Virus Route Intraperitoneal Dorsal subcutaneous Phenol treated virus Dorsal subcutaneous Total Control Time first noticed (days) Site 152 v Posterior abdominal wall 176 a Right groin 365 Diaphragm 66 Dorsal subcutaneous 118 v Dorsal subcutaneous 264 va Dorsal subcutaneous 66-365 175-560 (killed) Type of sarcoma Fibro Metastases 0 Fibro 0 Osteo Liver, lung Fibro 0 Fibro Fibro 1 Osteo 5 Fibro 0 0 1/6 0 v=Virus isolated a=Antibodies The first tumour was noticed in a female 66 days after subcutaneous inoculation with MHP virus. It arose from the upper part of the back and at autopsy measured 23 X 20 X 18 mm. The cut surface was uniform and white, and the Virus ARIELA POMERANCE AND F. C. CHESTERMAN consistency very firm. Local tissue invasion only was present, without metastases. Microscopi

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