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Finite Elements Approximate Flows of Compressible Viscous Melt Molecules

Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics
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This paper is aimed to obtain results on flow of a class of compressible viscous polymer melt molecules when state frequency transition is assigned and finite elements considered as basis of flow analysis. When frequency error was related to to local error, arising from finite elements scheme, it was revealed that extent of energy corrections was directly proportional to the flow tolerance level. The processing over flow encountered while generating finite elements was assumed to arise as a result of increasing wave interference. Although the flow frequency was found to be increasing, it was insufficient for improving the prescribed energy level. Conclusively, it was assumed that the flow of the fluid being examined was naturally irregular.Keywords: Transition states assignment, Response sensitivity determinants, Finite elements approximate, Energy correctionJournal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, Volume 20 (March, 2012), pp 111 – 114

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