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Retirement of G.T. Corley Smith as editor

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Retirement of G.T. Corley Smith as editor 4 With no hope of saving the vessel, what remained to be done was to salvage the remaining records, equipment, and supplies and to post an around-the- clock guardo A comprehensive accident report was assembled, insurance claims were filed, and all property was inventoried. Although the vessel was insured, the final cost of buying a replacement suited for today's needs will be nearly twice that of the insured value of the Beagle IV. Finding an appropriate vessel, outfitting it to meet Galápagos needs, and transporting it to the islands will be a significant financial drain on both resources and personnel. The Beagle IV arrived in Galápagos in August 1980 and served a large number of visiting researchers, Station staff, and Park personnel. Originally purchased as a utilitarian replacement for the Beagle 111,the Beagle IV was faster, cheaper to operate, and better-suited for carrying personnel and research equipment than her predecessor. Beagle IV greatly facilitated research efforts in Galápagos, and she will be sorely missed. Anyone wishing to contribute funds or guidance in securing a replacement vessel is encouraged to contact the President of the Charles Oarwin Foundation, Craig MacFarland, Box 36, Arlee, Montana 59821, USA or the editor. " ~ .--=' ='~~~s. ? ~. i =--~ The Beagle IV on the coast of Santa Cruz where she went aground near Punta Nuñez on 30 August 1987 (photograph by P.R. Fritts). Beagle IV en la costa de Santa Cruz donde se varó cerca Punta Nuñez 30 de agosto de 1987. Noticias de Galápagos, No. 46, May 1988 ~#-; Corley Smith at his home Greensted Hall in Ongar, England. Corley Smith en frente de su casa, Greensted Hall, Ongar, Inglatera. RETIREMENT OF G.T. CORLEY SMITH AS EDITOR By: Patricia R. Fritts and Thomas H. Fritts The retirement of G.T. Corley Smith from the editorship of Noticias de Galápagos culminates his major 14 year contribution to the publication. Corley's editorship of Noticias began with Vo

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