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Airport Drainage focused on the drainage area of the run-way and shoulder. Run-way air full moon is used for taking off and landing aircraft, is the construction of pavement of asphalt or concrete. Shoulder in left and right side of the run way, is a difficult area of land planted with grass impregnated, so that water flows more in the surface soil and less infiltration. Around airports, especially around the run way and shoulder, there should be an open channel to drain water drainage (interseption ditch) from the outer side of the airport. To create a flood hydrograph first count of Synthetic Unit Hydrograph Method Nakayasu. Analysis of drainage channel dimensions obtained from the discharge peaks in the flood hydrograph. To calculate the capacity of container vessel, pump capacity is planned in advance, because the water that exceed the threshold of the container vessel will be pumped into the river a higher elevation than the elevation of the reservoir basin. Mass curve is a graphical representation of a flow or volume of water accumulated from t = 0 to t = t as a function of time used to search for da water volume in storage. The main drainage channel water directly into the container vessel dimension and a trapezoidal open channel. Pumps are planned each with a capacity of 40 m3/menit = 0.6667 m3/sec. The most efficient alternative is to use a container vessel that pumps, namely: volume 1 = 39486.81 m3 storage, storage volume 2 = 13628.81 m 3, volume 3 = 21931.407 m3 storage. In addition to its total volume of water that accommodated larger volume of available storage is also very large. From the data found that the volume of container vessel 1 = 112 000 m3, Volume bak 2 = 37 000 m3 of container, container vessel Volume 3 = 57 000 m3.

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