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Um "Olhar" fenomenologico sobre o processo criativo em composição corrografica na area de dança-educação

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  • Dança
  • Dança Na Educação
  • Coreografia
  • Criatividade
  • Fenomenologia
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Philosophy


Facing the lack of reflexive attitudes, of theoretical studies fundamented on the artistical practice and survey methodologies that can help and elnbase this action so that it can take place, particularly in the arca of the Dance, is that, in this paper, it was tried to establish a theoretical reflexion process, promoting, intentionally, a "glance", a "look" into the Creative Process in Choreography Conlposition in the arca of the Dance-Education and, nlore specifically, into the relation of the subjects of the survey with this process, looking for possible meanings to this phenonmenon. The broaching of that Process was based on a phenomenologic view, emphasizing the theme discussed by the Phenomenology, beyond looking for criteria as well as for educational and artistic basis so that it could take place. lt was then established a "programme or activities" as an auxiliar ressource to the developnlent of this paper and, among them, it can be enphasized the practical experience of the Choreographic Creation Process, performed by the subjects of the survey; the description, the analysis, tl1e discussion, the interpretation, the conc1usion and SOll1e projections about this survey. It was aÍso tried to broach and promote the performance of that phenomenon, taking into account the Dance in the perspective of the criativity and the expre'ssion, without worrying about styles or specific Dance pattems, but emphasizing the relation of the subjects witlf this experiment, taking hand of this art as a way to go deeper in the essence of this performance.

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