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The Study of the Inconsistency between ESP and General English Course Syllabi for the Persian Literature Major

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  • Esp
  • Materials Development
  • Applied Linguistics
  • General English
  • Elt
  • Design
  • Education
  • Linguistics


In recent practices on ESP materials development the overt interrelation between applied linguistics and ESP has been simply neglected through the widespread ignorance of prior consultation with ELT veterans in the field. This trend has resulted in educational perplexity for both instructors and students who are the core consumers of the ambiguously designed ESP output. Although there has been strong emphasis on the significant application of prior needs analysis and on the goal-oriented personality of ESP materials (Robinson, 1991; Hutchinson & Waters, 1987), still insufficient attention has been drawn to these factors in Iranian ESP course book development. This ambiguity in ESP course materials has been partly due to the mismatch between the prerequisite General English course content practiced prior to ESP courses. Therefore, the present research project aimed at exploring the mentioned inconsistency for Persian Literature major in Islamic Azad University, Shahr-e Rey branch. To this end, the employed research design entailed mixed Method which included two phases namely; qualitative (interview, questionnaire survey and observations) and quantitative (frequency analysis and application of Pearson Chi Square).

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