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Instructions to Authors

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79-80upute autorima.indd polimeri I N S T R U C T I O N S T O A U T H O R S 29(2008)180 The journal Polimeri publishes scientific and technical papers, review articles, reviews and communication reports, views, comments and notes, professional information, educational material, bibliographical and lexicographical articles, historical surveys, official information, miscellaneous news and information, readers’ correspondence, and commercial publicity in the fields of polymer and related sciences, fundamental and applied; polymer engineering and engineering in general; related technical disciplines (chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering), traffic and transport, agriculture, medicine, environmental protection and nature preservation, information technology, standardisation, business and marketing, and other activities related to polymer raw materials, materials and products. General data Classification of papers. The author can themselves suggest the category for the contribution (original scientific, technical, review, communication, conference paper, topical report, contribution for a particular column, etc.), but the final decision will be made by the Editors at the recommendation of the reviewers. The scientific and professional papers are reviewed by at least two reviewers. The reviewed papers are classified as follows: - original scientific paper - preliminary communication - author’s review - review - conference paper - professional paper Original scientific papers contain unpublished results of authentic research. Scientific data have to be presented so that they may be experimentally repeated, and the results verified within the limits of experimental error. Preliminary communications contain new results of scientific research that require urgent publication. They do not have to provide repeating and verification of the presented results. Author’s reviews contain authentic, summarized and critical presentation of an area or its p

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