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F-LARSP: A Computerized Tool for Measuring Morphosyntactic Abilities in French

  • Parisse, Christophe
  • Maillart, Christelle
  • Tommerdahl, Jodi
Publication Date
Feb 15, 2012
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The version of LARSP that has been adapted for use for French-speaking children has followed the lead of Bol and Kuiken (1990) for Dutch in accu- rately linking stages of language development with chronological ages. Their approach used two criteria for determining whether a given structure should be included on the chart, and, if so, at which stage: the structure should be used by at least 50% of the population at a particular stage; and the median of the frequency with which a structure is used should have a value of at least 1.0. For the French adaptation (F-LARSP), a large corpus of child language in French was analysed to determine at what stage structures should be placed on the new chart and how many of these structures should be included. Further details of the adaptation can be found in Maillart et al. (in press). In the present chapter, we focus on the design and implementa- tion of a computerized system for accurately carrying out F-LARSP much more quickly than is possible with current manual methods.

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