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Exploring Photogrammetry : Implementation of a Hybrid Workshop

  • Herault, Romain Christian
  • Lindmark, Mattias
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Jan 01, 2024
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A photogrammetry workshop was organised under the HumInfra initiative, jointly between Linnaeus University and Umeå University (HumLab). The workshop aimed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of photogrammetry techniques within a limited timeframe. With ten participants, the workshop took place simultaneously in Växjö and Umeå, enabling a comparative analysis of the workshop’s effectiveness in different settings. The attendees, from the field of Humanities and Media Technology, were introduced to the fundamental concepts of photogrammetry, including image capturing and 3D model creation. This theoretical part was conducted using Zoom and co-delivered by the two organisers. The practical aspect of the workshop was done offline on each side and involved hands-on experience with industry-standard photogrammetry software, facilitated by experienced professionals. The last stage of the workshop included a discussion about the experience between the two groups of people. The findings revealed that participants successfully acquired the necessary skills to create 3D models in just 45 minutes, indicating the workshop’s efficiency in delivering practical knowledge within a limited time frame. Participant feedback highlighted the workshop’s effectiveness in providing a solid introduction to the world of photogrammetry and emphasised the importance of such initiatives in promoting technological literacy among individuals. This form of teaching redefined the usual hybrid format and was perceived as more rewarding by participants. The workshop’s integration into the HumInfra initiative allowed collaboration between physically distant universities. This event emphasises the significance of such workshops in preparing individuals for the evolving demands of the digital landscape and could be applied to other subjects using hands-on activities. It suggests the potential for further research into the comparative effectiveness of workshops in different settings.

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