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Exploring Diverse Career Paths and Recommendations for Celebrating Chiropractic Day 2021: A Narrative Inquiry

  • Johnson, Valerie
  • Assal, Shery
  • Khauv, Kim
  • Moosad, Deepak
  • Morales, Brenda
Published Article
Journal of Chiropractic Humanities
National University of Health Sciences
Publication Date
Dec 22, 2021
DOI: 10.1016/j.echu.2021.10.003
PMID: 35002575
PMCID: PMC8720653
PubMed Central
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Objective The purpose of this report was to explore the views of chiropractors about their career paths and recommendations for Chiropractic Day. Methods For this narrative inquiry, selected individuals from diverse backgrounds were invited to share their experiences about becoming chiropractors and their recommendations for Chiropractic Day. Each doctor of chiropractic was asked to provide a response to a set of structured questions. The responses were collated into a descriptive narrative, and themes were identified from these narratives. Results Five chiropractors from diverse backgrounds, who graduated from chiropractic programs in the United States, participated in this project. Each reported a different path to becoming a chiropractor. From these different career paths, common themes emerged, which included (1) a drive to serve others, (2) a personal experience or quest, (3) and a propensity to be problem solvers and inquisitive learners. Their recommendations for celebrating Chiropractic Day paralleled their individual qualities and values, which included providing educational seminars to patients and other health care providers, mentoring students, reading scientific papers about health issues related to diversity, providing chiropractic services to underserved populations, appreciating our predecessors and mentors, and performing community outreach. Conclusion This narrative provides insight into the thoughts of people from diverse backgrounds about why they may choose chiropractic as a profession and their paths to a career in chiropractic. This article demonstrates that chiropractors come to the profession for a variety of reasons but may have similar themes such as that the choice may generate from a personal experience, a quest for knowledge, an interest in helping others, and a joy for service. This narrative provides unique insights about the authors’ values for chiropractic, which were congruent with their recommendations for celebrating Chiropractic Day.

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