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Experiences from Adoption to Person Centered Care in a Cardiac Ward

  • Sjöstrand, Håkan
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Jan 01, 2017
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Introduction: A recent published report shows that patient involvement in Sweden is in several ways low compared with other comparable countries. Person-centering is an attitude aimed at increasing patient involvement and which in studies has shown positive health effects. The need for care can be reduced especially for patients with chronic diseases such as heart failure, which is the single most common cause of inpatient care in Sweden. Purpose: The purpose of the improvement work aimed at introducing a person-centered approach and thereby increase the patient's involvement in a cardiac care department. The purpose of the study of the improvement work was to investigate the staff's experience of this. The findings could facilitate further implementation of this method of work. Method: Improvement work was conducted in a project form and implemented according to Nolan's improvement model. The round was replaced with an in-depth enrollment interview, and a written care plan was established. Patients were asked to rate their perceived involvement at time for discharge. The staff's experience was studied with inductive qualitative approach through focus group interviews. Result: According to the surveys, the experience of involvement was high both before and after the introduction of person-centered work methods, but the variation was high. All occupational categories thought the person-centered approach had added value, both for patients and staff. The main emphasis was on increased patient participation, better understanding of the context, increased team spirit and better advancement. Conclusion: The experience of introducing person-centered care was generally positive and did not differ between the different occupational groups. The staff saw value of increased patient involvement, better long term planning and increased coherence and sense of togetherness with a person-centered approach.

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